• Ristò Italia : the place to eat in the Po Delta

    Albergo Italia is home to RistòItalia, a warm and comfortable place for sampling excellent food. The recently renovated "vintage" style dining hall is distinguished by the soft, warm colours of its walls, which also feature paintings by "textural", "abstract" and "figurative" local artists. Comfortable upholstered chairs and tables offer customers maximum dining comfort.

    The cuisine and dishes play an important role in the service, with revisited traditional Po recipes and with enormous attention to the typical products and raw ingredients used. The house specialty is fish, thanks to the healthy and delicious local fish market and the undisputed skills of the chef, who refers back to family recipes from three generations. RistòItalia also offers excellent meat and vegetable dishes with a menu for vegans or vegetarians. We also offer traditional and special pizzas with Kamut dough.

Video on the creation and preparation of the dishes

"CichetiVenesiani" One of revisited our specialties offered as a unique dish including four tastings, or spunciun as they are known in local dialect, featuring traditional fish from the Po. The video shows the processing of the raw ingredients and the care with which the expert hands of the chef handle and decorate the dishes. You can see and discover other fabulous dishes on our youtube channel Albergo Ristorante Italia.

Complete list of videos

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