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What excursions can I go on?
Here is a brief guide.
In collaboration with Bike&Boat Travel.

Bicycle Rental

Comfortable CityBikes are available at Albergo Italia for a relaxing bike ride immersed in the peace of the Low Po area, with easy access to major cycle routes and readily available information with maps and points of interest. For groups or more technical routes, we offer mountain-biking and specialised guides, by reservation, who can help you discover unmarked pathways and take you to the most captivating places in the Po Delta.

By Boat

Adjacent to Albergo Italia there is a tourist boat for trips on the river Po with Marino Cacciatori or Il Vaporetto. Individual or group excursions can be arranged with motor boats or small boats on the Po di Pila or the branch of the Po di Maistra, one of the most evocative branches that is very rich in fauna and flora. Through prior reservation it is possible to organise Bike&Boat or Trekking&Boat tours with customised routes offering a breathtaking way to experience the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape.

On foot

Albergo Italia can organise trekking or walking trips with specialised tour guides throughout the entire Delta region and in the provinces of Ferrara and Rovigo. Trips alternating between motorboats and walking are particularly exciting because they allow you to reach the "scani" (shoals), unspoiled and totally natural places rich in both typical and unique fauna and flora.

Organised tours

Albergo Italia has a direct link to the incoming agency "Bike & Boat Travel" in Porto Tolle, with whom we design and create custom routes for couples or groups of people. You can organise boating, horseback riding, hiking or fishing trips, or guided visits to museums or places of natural or cultural interest. Albergo Italia is also home to the "Delta on the road" association, which holds amateur gatherings of vintage cars or sports events throughout the region.

Excursions to the Po Delta
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List of excursions in the Po Delta

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