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    A unique region with distinctive tourist activities and ways to visit that are respectful of the area and its vocations. Polesine is located in the lower Veneto and is identified with the province of Rovigo, located between the lower courses of the rivers Po and Adige. Polesine is in fact a land dominated by water, which has forged the territory over the centuries, creating unique landscapes and extraordinary natural places such as floodplains, islands, beaches, marshes, lagoons, whirlpools and the Delta of the Po, Italy's longest river, which flows for 652 km along the Po Valley and reaches the sea through a maze of water andreeds, making it a paradise with a rich variety of flora and fauna.
    It is home to both nature and culture, with small towns, villas, palaces, churches and museums, as well as many local traditions and excellent gastronomy. The area is rich in nature, history, art and culture, offering many opportunities and many different routes for you to enjoy the fantastic landscape and at the same time visit places rich in historical and artistic heritage lying beneath the levees or crossed by channels or small streams. So here is your invitation to visit the Po Delta, to sample its warm hospitality, which also includes festivals celebrating ancient traditions and tasty dishes made with ease using Polesine's excellent community trade marked products. Goodbye frenetic pace, hello slow tempo.

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Polesine offers a welcome without limits, and stands for freedom, history, art and culture.
Polesine is Earth and Water, a place to be enjoyed, shared, discovered and above all EXPERIENCED.

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